About Star51


The Clothing

All Star51 clothing is handmade in London, United Kingdom.

The brand takes inspiration from the elegant looks of the early to mid 20th century with; fine detail, endearing shapes, and regal silhouettes. 

All Star 51 garments and accesories are available online and via House of Fraser.


The Designer

Each garment is designed and developed by our Star51 Designer- Mrs B. Theodorou.

B was raised and educated in the UK and carries a National Diploma and BA Honours in Fashion Design. 

From a start up to an SME, B has been at the forefront of Star51.


The Ethos

Star51 is committed to being an ethical, enviromentally friendly establishment.

To further Star51's commitment, all clothing materials are sourced from within the United Kingdom.

Star51 is proud to promote a label that advocates modesty, happiness, and beauty through children's clothing.


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