The Reason Behind

I think it's always good to let your consumers know just how and why a brand was created, it was important to me to create not just a brand of products; but an identity. 

Star51 was inspired 3 years ago, spending my day in town I noticed a young girl who looked to be about 6 years old, she was wearing a very tight, belt like denim mini skirt over her bare legs and a top displaying an inappropriate slogan.

It stuck in my mind for the whole day! I obviously understand that we live in the 21st century and fashion moves forward, but what I don't understand is why some of our modern day fashion looks feature sexualised clothing for kids! I just don't get it. After that day it spurred me to research just what was out there; whether it was just a minute collection of brands offering this sort of fashion for children or whether it went beyond that. 

blog1 pic.png

The above features a baby vest with a slogan reading 'MILF in training' (no reading between the lines there). Twisted Tee, based in the UK, offering "non-traditional" clothing for babies and young kids such as their tassel tops! Alongside Primark's padded bras and bikini tops for little girls that caused a wave of public outrage when they emerged.

And there is so much more! I have actually been sat in front of my computer for the past hour trying to decide whether to include the images as they are SO inappropriate! So much so I haven't included them here but trust me they are easy to find.

I spent the week comparing generations of children's fashion, looking through old pictures of when we were kids. There were certain unwritten restrictions on how a child should dress. A milestone away 20 years on. 

All of this interest and thought provoking moment eventually led me to my design pad, and started designing children's wear. I found myself being inspired by some key things - age appropriate, vintage features, British classics. 

Three years on and those key inspirations have remained the identity of Star51.